Michael Phelps' Family's Reaction To His Gold Medal Win Will Make Your Day

Returning Olympic champion Michael Phelps, 31, produced the fasted split of his career in the 4x100meter freestyle relay at 47.12 seconds on Sunday night.

The win is made even more impressive by the fact that Phelps quit the sport after the 2012 Games.

Speaking of the victory, he said,

I hope that's a good sign. I guess we'll see over the next couple of days. But I'm very pleased with the start.

His confidence will surely peak when he gets back in the pool Monday for the preliminaries of the 200-meter butterfly.

Phelps is also competing in a number of individual events.

Phelps' win on Sunday snagged him his 19th Olympic gold medal.


His coach, Bob Bowman, seriously backs him to take home more gold. He said,

Michael usually works this way: When one thing is good, everything is pretty good. It doesn't usually work in parts. So I feel pretty good now.

His fianceé and mom looked just as happy as you'd imagine.

But baby Boomer definitely stole the show.

If you're wondering why baby Boomer is winning the headlines over his Olympic gold medalist father, these pictures explain everything.


He's only three months old, but he took prime position poolside to help cheer the swimmer on.

He was pictured wearing the most adorable outfit. So adorable, in fact, that those headphones and that stars and stripes headband look Photoshopped:

The tiny human was supporting the Olympian with his mom, Nicole Johnson...

Nicole Johnson, the fiance of Michael Phelps celebrates his gold medal win with baby Boomer, yep Boomer! #Rio2016 — Elliot Wagland (@elliotwagland) August 8, 2016

...And a lot of people felt a connection with the Boom man.

He was even spotted rocking some awesome Micheal Phelps merch:

The kid is so popular he has his own Instagram account which has already amassed nearly 100,000 followers in a matter of weeks.

It's mainly Boomer propped up against pillows showing off his clothing game...

...And looking seriously cute in the process.


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