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Donald Trump Said Not Signing Johnny Manziel Would Be A 'Big Mistake'

I'm not one of those guys who broadcasts some old tweet to make someone look like a jackass, but in the case of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, I'm definitely willing to make an exception.

Roughly two years ago, Donald Trump tweeted his unwavering support for one Johnny Manziel.

Teams are making a big mistake not taking Johnny Manziel - he is going to be really good (and exciting to watch). — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 9, 2014

You know, the same Johnny Manziel who makes it his mission to get drunk at every club, bar, watering hole and tavern in America, who is about to go before a grand jury to face a domestic violence charge after allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend and who is rumored to have just slept with a FSU bikini model in a $4,100-a-night villa in Miami.

Yah, that guy. Trump said teams would be making "big mistake[s]" by not signing Manziel. Trump said Manziel would be "really good and exciting to watch."

What a shock, Trump was wrong. The Cleveland Browns, the only team that gave Manziel a shot, just officially cut him, confirming the fact the team is the one that made a "big mistake" when it signed the former Texas A&M quarterback in the first place.

If Donald Trump is elected president, I sincerely hope his political judgment is far better than his NFL IQ.

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