Gisele Bündchen Wants Tom Brady To Retire


Gisele Bündchen retired from modeling in 2015 and is hell-bent on getting every-damn-one to retire alongside her, starting with her husband, Tom Brady.

Tom just won his fifth Super Bowl with the New England Patriots and, as far as his former supermodel wife is concerned, that's enough.


He told NFL Sirius XM,

Yeah babe, too friggin' bad. Tom is going to keep on footing that ball, or whatever, until his goddamn legs fall clean off his body.

Then, he's going to drag himself around the field on his arms with the ball in his mouth if he has to, until his arms fall clean off his body, too. At that point it'll probably seem like retirement is inevitable, but he'll still find a way to keep that $20,500,000 average annual salary.

If anyone tries to get in the way of Tom's plans, you can bet your un-athletic ass his dad bestie Donald Trump is getting a phone call.


This pair is so freaking close, y'all. Donald will take a break from being president (to the temporary relief of so many Americans), come down there and crack some skulls.

Tom has already been challenged on his unbreakable bond with Trump: an infamous xenophobe and big time racist who cannot wait to ban, just -- oh, man -- SO many Muslims from American soil.

Speaking on his friendship with Trump on WEEI's "Kirk & Callahan Show" show prior to the Super Bowl, Tom said,

Though this question barely qualifies as proper English, Tom expanded on his point with confidence.

In an explanation presumably drafted by 2007's Miss South Carolina, he added,

Ah, dizzying nonsense. Hail Satan.

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