20 Times Rugby Players Proved They're The Most Badass Athletes

by Julian Sonny

Rugby isn't a man's sport -- it's for straight-up warriors only.

Georgia Page is a warrior herself and proved it when she made this hard tackle, breaking her nose in the process:

She didn't stop playing, either. She's a beast. I mean, imagine the scene LeBron would make if this happened to him!

This has to be one of the most badass females on the planet:

In rugby, you're expected to play through injuries, but even her coaches had to think this was a little too OD.

Sure, hockey is tough and football is hard-hitting, but at least those dudes have pads! Nothing compares to rugby and these are the epic moments we're reminded of that.

Luckily, Georgia was able to smile and take a selfie after the game. — Georgia Page (@geo_page) June 6, 2015

However, anyone ever tackled by 6'7" Courtney Lawes can't say the same.

Rugby is not a sport where you display any kind of weakness...

...or else, you will be man-handled.

And when in doubt, players will just use their instincts.

Unlike football and hockey, there are no pads or helmets...

...and this is how they show respect after games.

At the end of the day, you can either lift up your teammates...

...or slam your opponents to the ground.

Rugby players are so tough they replace bottle openers with knocked-out teeth.

Still, there's a way to make it look good when you're doing it.

When fighting is a part of the game... better have a strong chin.

Still, these are classy players who respect each other after the game.

@SalesiMaafu good shot mate, go well in the final. #rocky — Tom Youngs (@TomYoungs87) May 17, 2014
@TomYoungs87 cheers mate. The jersey can overcome us in the heat of battle. I owe you a pint. #respect — SalesiMaafu (@SalesiMaafu) May 17, 2014

It's probably best not to pick a fight with any of the Polynesian players.

And remember, the ladies hit just as hard as the guys.

Rugby is truly a game of will power...

....and never letting your opponent get the best of you.

But, usually, the bigger man just wins.

Cheers to the toughest sport in the world.