Ronda Rousey Says Men Should Never Do This One Thing During Sex

UFC champion and all-around badass winner of life Ronda Rousey is no stranger to speaking her mind.

She told Floyd Mayweather what she thinks of him on multiple occasions and has been an outspoken advocate for women in sports.

Recently, though, Rousey got vocal about a very different -- yet equally important -- matter.

The 28-year-old responded to Maxim readers' inquiries about sex, dating and food, sparing no detail in her answers.

Jack, 36, from Los Angeles asked,

Dear Ronda: What should a guy NEVER do in bed? What should a guy ALWAYS do in bed? (Asking for a friend.)

Rousey replied,

For what you should never do: Don't bite my teeth! If my teeth are repeatedly hitting your teeth, then there's a problem with what you're doing. That freaks me out. I don't like it. It's terrible. I have a thing about my teeth... What should a guy always do? Take his time. In general, a girl takes a minute. He needs to get her ready. You should never need lube in your life. If you need lube, than you're being lazy...and you're not taking your time.

Wiser words may never have been spoken.

You can check out Maxim's full Q&A here and learn about how Rousey is also a fan of pancakes, pick-up trucks and the Malibu mountains.

I'm 'bout to hop a plane, rent a truck and buy all the Bisquick and Hungry Jack I can get my hands on.

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