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Ronda Rousey's New Naked Shoot Further Proves She's A Body Image Icon

Listen, it's 2016. Women of all body types can be sexualized!

Sports Illustrated certainly thinks so, anyhow.

The magazine's annual Swimsuit Issue, infamous for being the softcore porn guys can look at on their work computers, most recently featured former UFC champion Ronda Rousey in nothing but a very thick layer of body paint.

According to an interview Rousey did with Elle, the painted-on swimsuit took 14 hours to apply and had to be done twice due to paparazzi leaks.

Rousey told Elle she didn't sleep for two days during the process of the shoot.

She also spoke about her insecurities about her body and why this cover is so important to her confidence.

Now, she is proud of her body. She said,

I grew up with a lot of body image issues―not just about my weight, but I would always see these perfect orb, domed boobs on television, and think, 'Mine don't look like that.'

Rousey, who is undeniably a gorgeous badass, faced harassment in the past for her "masculine" body and shut down those haters flawlessly.

Rousey's cover for SI comes alongside two other covers featuring Hailey Clauson and Ashley Graham. The issue has been called history-making for highlighting women of different body types (aka not model-skinny).

I'm all for Sports Illustrated trying to undo some of the damage its Swimsuit Issues did by setting the standards for the supposedly perfect female body. I'm also all for Ronda finding empowerment in this shoot and reclaiming her body. You go, girl!

But, do we all really need to praise Sports Illustrated for making history? I'm not so sure about that.

Ladies, take good looks at the men promising in the comments sections to have great times with these covers later tonight. This is what true equality feels like.