WTF? Cristiano Ronaldo Pays A Stylist To Brush His Wax Figure's Hair

Even for Ronaldo, this seems going a bit too far. Granted, he is the man who stands on his tippy toes to appear taller than his teammates during pre-game photos.

And, I guess his is the guy who made sure he had a bulge on his bronze statue outside of a museum dedicated to him.

And when you think about it, he did have that cringeworthy commercial for that "face-exercising" product in Japan...

You know what, this actually makes a lot of sense.

According to The Independent, Ronaldo sends a hairstylist to Portugal once a month to tend to the hair of this wax figure made in his image:

Entrevista G.Presa, @MuseoCeraMadrid "Cristiano manda a su peluquero a arreglar su estatua" — Què t'hi jugues! (@QTJsercat) March 3, 2015

Gonzalo Presa, reported as the former communications director at the Museo de Cera in Madrid, is the one who outed the Real Madrid star.

Presa told a Spanish radio station (translated by The Independent):

He sent his own hairstylist to brush his figure once a month. Cristiano's hair is natural. It is not a wig and it comes from India.

For any other athlete in this world, this would sound too good dumb to be true. But hey, it's Ronaldo.

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