Cristiano Ronaldo Stands On His Toes Like A Child To Look Taller Than His Teammates

If there was ever a question of whether Cristiano Ronaldo could possibly care more about his looks than many already think, the answer came on Tuesday night. 

Ahead of Real Madrid's clash with Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup, Ronaldo was photographed standing on his tippy-toes during a team photo, with there being no apparent reason for him to do so but to look taller.

This latest instance of image-management by Ronaldo only confirms he has mastered the art of vanity, and it's really no surprise.

For years, the Portuguese star has been head and shoulders above all athletes around the world, in terms of who could make conscious efforts to look the best everywhere, all the time.

From the new haircuts before every single match, to the pointing-at-self goal celebrations, to the random winks at the camera and the endorsement of facial-fitness products, Ronaldo's had this borderline obsession with himself for a while.

And none of this, by the way, is to mock him. In fact, it's pretty impressive that he's also found the time to be the best player in the world on the side -- he scored two goals on Tuesday night, by the way.

Still, reaching for new heights of vanity while standing on his toes with a hand on his teammate's back for good measure, wasn't enough to keep him from getting called out as the worst person in the sports world.

H/T: Yahoo!, Top Photo Courtesy: Twitter