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The 'Remember The Titans' Cast Is All Grown Up Now

Over 15 years ago, the world was introduced to one of the greatest movies of our generation, "Remember the Titans."

It was a film about high school football, sure, but it was also a coming-of-age story that tackled issues of race and relationships. In addition, Boaz Yakin's film served as a coming out party for the likes of Ryan Gosling, Hayden Panettiere, Kate Bosworth and others.

As Denzel Washington's Coach Herman Boone famously barked,

Everything we do is change. We gon' change the way we run. We gon' change the way we eat. We gon' change the way we block. We gon' change the way we tackle. We gon' change the way we win.

Take a look at just how much the cast of  "Remember The Titans" has changed over the years.

Denzel Washington, Coach Herman Boone

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The 61-year-old Washington is set to appear in "The Equalizer 2" in 2017, and his role following Coach Boone in "Remember The Titans" was Alonzo Harris in "Training Day," in 2001.

Will Patton, Coach Bill Yoast

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Patton, 61, went on to feature in several movies after "Remember The Titans," and he's reportedly currently working on two films, "The Scent of Rain and Lightning" and "Megan Leavey."

Wood Harris, Julius Campbell

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The 46-year-old Harris followed his role as Julius Campbell in "Remember the Titans" by landing a spot as Avon Barksdale on the HBO hit, "The Wire."

Ryan Hurst, Gerry Bertier

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At 39 years old, Hurst has appeared in multiple television series, such as "Sons of Anarchy," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Bates Motel."

Ryan Gosling, Alan Bosley

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This past weekend, I watched the 35-year-old Gosling in "The Big Short." Yes, he's still got it.

Hayden Panettiere, Sheryl Yoast

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Panettiere, 26, has come a long way from yelling on the football field. She's currently killing the television game with "Nashville" and "Heroes Reborn."

Kate Bosworth, Emma Hoyt

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The 33-year-old Bosworth parlayed her role as Emma Hoyt in "Remember The Titans" into the lead role in the 2002 hit "Blue Crush." If you want to catch her latest project, go see "Before I Wake" when it comes out in April.

Ethan Suplee, Louie Lastik

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Suplee, 39, has gone on to feature in multiple films after "Remember The Titans" and teamed up again with Denzel Washington in the 2002 film, "John Q."

Kip Pardue, Ronnie Bass

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The 40-year-old Pardue has recently featured in series such as "Ray Donovan," "Mad Men" and "ER."

Burgess Jenkins, Ray Budds

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The 42-year-old Jenkins went from playing a racist tight end who wouldn't block to playing Billy Abbott on "The Young and the Restless." He's appeared in 126 episodes between 2014 and 2016.

Man, where has the time gone?

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