The Swag Bags Athletes Get At The Olympics May Be Better Than Winning A Medal

by Talia Koren

Swag bags aren't just for Hollywood events like the Oscars and Grammys. Olympic athletes get them too.

Simone Biles, Michael Phelps and other winners on Team USA are now the proud owners of multiple gold medals worth $25,000 each, but what does the money matter when you get all this free merch from Nike and other brands?

Anyone on Team USA who competed in the Olympics, medal or no medal, gets to take home one of these bad boys.

We are so insanely jealous.

Here's what's in the guys' swag bag:


10 short sleeved t-shirts

4 long sleeved pullover shirts

3 pairs of workout pants

4 pair of shorts

2 pairs of sandals

3 pairs of athletic shoes

2 watches

1 pair of sunglasses

1 water bottle

1 passport case

1 wristband


2 pairs of underpants

2 caps

2 drawstring bags

1 branded duffel bag

The ladies get a sick swag bag too:


2 sports bras

3 pairs of workout leggings

2 pairs of workout pants

6 t-shirts

4 tank tops

2 warmup jackets

2 long sleeved pullovers

2 caps

2 pairs of athletic shoes

1 pair of sandals

3 pairs of footie socks

4 pairs of shorts

1 water bottle

1 wrist strap

1 passport cover

1 watch

1 drawstring bag

1 branded duffel bag

These bags must be heavy AF. There are legitimate weights in the guys' swag bag.

Where do they even find room for all this stuff?

The athletes could literally sling these bags over their well-sculpted shoulders and head out for a celebratory post-Olympics trip without having to repack anything.

And to think the only swag I've gotten after competing in something is a little plastic gymnastics trophy that got thrown out almost immediately.

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