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The Gift Bag For The Oscars Will Make You Depressed You're Not Famous


Don't feel too bad for Leonardo DiCaprio if he doesn't win an Academy Award this year because, either way, dude's going home with a serious prize.

Oscar-nominated actors and directors -- you know, those people making millions of dollars a year -- will reportedly receive gift bags worth over $190,000 at the 2016 Academy Awards.

According to a report from Metro, this year's nominees will receive a bag from the gift company Distinctive Assets full of everything from first class trips around the world to lifetime supplies of beauty products. There are also sex toys and breast lifts, presumably thrown in exclusively for the ladies. Yay, sexism!

In case you're not already angry about the injustice of it all, there's more: The bags don't go to every nominee, only the ones in the main acting and directing categories. Yay, classism!

According to Metro, here's everything in the gift bag for Hollywood's most famous:

Everything about this gift bag is pretty crazy, but I'm most disappointed by the fact Leo likely won't be getting one of those sex toys. The man eats raw bison meat for you people, and he doesn't even get some gentle suction and simulation for his troubles? Ridiculous.

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