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Odell Beckham Visited Bayern Munich And Reminded Us He's Good At Soccer

It can be easy to forget sometimes, with him playing just one sport these days and all, but Odell Beckham Jr. is a really talented all-around athlete.

Not only is OBJ an amazing wide receiver, but he was also a basketball player in high school.

That explains how he can do this:

OBJ having some fun in Cameron!! This was after some great work on the field!! — David Cutcliffe (@DavidCutcliffe) April 3, 2015

And he knows his way around a baseball diamond, which explains how he can do this.

But when he's not making one-handed catches, or knocking know windmill dunks, or throwing heat on the pitcher's mound, or dancing  in Drake's backyard, on some days, he can remind us that he was really good at soccer.

One of those days happened this week. After attending the ESPYs on Wednesday, Odell Beckham headed on a trip to Germany with the NFL. While there, he visited the defending German league champions and world famous club Bayern Munich.

.@OBJ_3 zu Besuch beim #FCBayern, @David_Alaba zurück im Training & @MrAncelotti vor seinem ersten FCB-Spiel! — FC Bayern München (@FCBayern) July 15, 2016

In trainin, he showed just enough control with the ball that to remind us that he's knows his way around the pitch.

How good was he back in the day? Good enough for his youth coach to think he could earn a spot on the youth national team. He stopped playing soccer at 14, though, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now's he's catching touchdowns instead of scoring goals. Still not bad.