Leslie Jones Tweeted About Hot Soccer Players All Weekend


Leslie Jones is out here, y'all.

The woman who was literally all of us watching "Game of Thrones" with Seth Myers last June is at it again. This time, Leslie Jones has swapped Jon Snow for Lionel Messi.

I don't know how you spent your Halloween weekend, but I know what Leslie Jones was busy with. Since Friday, Jones has been discovering the sport of soccer and going on Twitter rampages about how hot and sexy all the players and coaches are.

Beginning on Friday, October 28, Jones started going off about how "fucking beautiful" everyone was in the Barcelona-Manchester City Champion's League game.

Obviously, though, it didn't stop there. See, I've always known how lit soccer is, albeit for slightly different reasons than Jones', so it's no wonder Lesdoggg spent the rest of the weekend binging on as much soccer as humanly possible.


Late Saturday night, Leslie Jones was clearly feeling some type of way because she tweeted what appears to be a naked picture of Arsenal and France striker Olivier Giroud.

This was also the first of many tweets to contain the phrase "Jesus wept!"

By Sunday afternoon, Leslie Jones was straight-up watching soccer in the hopes of finding a boyfriend, and it's not like you can blame her.

Thankfully, Jones is a Verizon customer -- has anyone ever said that before? -- which means she was able to watch as much soccer as she could find on Sunday.

I don't think y'all understand the extent to which Leslie Jones was going in on these hot soccer players and coaches this weekend.

She couldn't care less about costumes and candy, trust.

Naturally, Jones now wants to see all these hot dudes in person, which is why she asked Twitter to get her to a live game.

It didn't take long for NYCFC to invite Leslie Jones to their playoff game on Sunday, November 6.

And you thought you had a good weekend.

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