King Of The Classroom: LeBron James Is Now Helping Parents Get GEDs

Last month, LeBron James made headlines by providing students from his "I PROMISE" program with full four-year scholarships to the University of Akron.

With 1,100 kids in the program and tuition costing about $9,500 a year at the four-year school, the total amount LeBron pledged to donate is somewhere in the neighborhood of $42 million.

Now, James continues his offseason of generosity by announcing his partnership with Project Learn of Summit County in order to provide a select group of parents with opportunities to obtain GEDs.

Specifically, the service will be offered to parents of children enrolled in the LeBron James Family Foundation.

The communications manager for Project Learn, Alexia Harris, said,

It takes a lot of courage to start classes to earn GED once you've been out of school for years, even decades.

In a press release, Michele Campbell, the executive director of the LeBron James Family Foundation, added,

This is an opportunity to help our parents make strides in their own academic careers so they are better equipped to help our students keep their educational promises.

You may not be a fan of LeBron James on the court, but you have to cheer for his efforts in the classroom.

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