LeBron James Is Giving Over 1,000 Kids Full 4-Year Scholarships

LeBron James' latest highlight-worthy play has nothing to do with the Cleveland Cavaliers or a basketball court of any kind, for that matter.

No, the King of Basketball is making news this summer by providing qualifying students from his "I Promise" program with full four-year scholarships to the University of Akron.

According to reports, the general service tuition fee at the university is $9,500 a year, and's Brian Windhorst reported there are 1,100 kids currently enrolled in the "I Promise" program.

So, if you do the math:

1100 kids x $9500 x 4 years = $41.8million #math — Hayley Byrnes (@HayleyByrnes) August 14, 2015

Again, that's $41.8 million. Thanks, Hayley.

Speaking with the Associated Press, James said,

It's the reason I do what I do. These students have big dreams, and I'm happy to do everything I can to help them get there.

He added,

It means so much because, as a kid growing up in the inner city and a lot of African-American kids, you don't really think past high school. You don't really know your future.

All hail King James.

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