10 Signs You're The Drama King Of Your Friends, And Everyone Knows It But You


LeBron James is a lot of things.

He's the best player in the NBA, and has been since about 2008. (It doesn't matter what you Kobe fans say.)

He's also a philanthropist, a role model, a businessman, a winner and, by all accounts, an amazing friend.

And as a fan, I love the guy for all of that. But good lord, he is SO dramatic.

We were reminded of that fact once again on Monday night, when the Cavs v. Spurs game had to spot because Bron was hilariously rolling on the floor like he'd just gotten shot.

At first, you might have thought he was seriously injured. But what actually happened is, he took a pretty elbow to the back that looked mild, at best.

Bottom line: He ain't really have to do all that. But that's LeBron for you.

He's not just King James; he's the drama king. Everyone has one in their friend circle.

Heck, it might even be you... especially if you do these things:

1. Make Sure Everyone Knows Something's Bothering You

It's not enough for you to just quietly fix something that's irritating you; you have to do it in the most pronounced way possible.

It's like when LeBron started wearing goggles the other day. He missed a shot, and then threw the goggles away in disgust, just so everyone knew it was the goggles' fault.

If everybody in the office has to hear you when you're complaining about something, you're probably the LeBron.

2. Talk About People On Social Media, Then Act Like It Never Happened

Remember that time LeBron was obviously calling out a teammate on Twitter?

Remember that time LeBron was obviously lying about not calling out a teammate on Twitter?

It wasn't even about this team. It was more about people in general.

Yeah, eventually, he admitted he was talking about Kevin Love, which means the initial denial was for no reason.

But that's exactly why drama kings create drama: for no reason.

3. Be The Fake Deep Person

There are a bunch of signs that show you're the fake deep person on social media, but one of them is definitely when you try to pass off an obvious lyric as a deep, introspective thought.

C'mon bruh: We all listen to Big Sean.

4. Draw Out Stories For As Long As Possible

A simple question of "How was your day?" to one of these friends will turn into a monologue. The next thing you know, they're telling you about all their trials and tribulations like they're testimonies at a Baptist church.

Anyway, since it's Sunday, let's all remember LeBron doing the most after the last Cavs-Warriors game — Joseph Milord (@JoeMilord) December 25, 2016

Bron did it the best, though.

5. Act Like Everyone's Their Best Friend

LeBron lets everyone know exactly who he's thinking about, hanging out with or going to hang out with in the next month... even though nobody has asked.

We all have that friend. Everybody's their "homie" or "bro," even if they don't actually know each other that well.

No, you could just argue that as being a cool ass person. But shut up: I'm trying to tell jokes here.

6. Send The "No Invite?" Text

Anyone who name drops like LeBron is 100 percent a prime candidate to send that salty "No invite?" text... with emoji eyes for dramatic effect, of course.

You dare not go anywhere without giving this type of friend advance notice. Don't want no drama, after all.

7. Celebrate The Loudest

Look at this man during Game 7 of the World Series, right in the middle of the camera shot, going crazy for the perfect gif.

LeBron is the loudest guy at your bar, viewing party, gym or spades table at your barbecue.

Hella dramatic.

8. Make You Take 10,000 Pictures, And Then Put Them On Instagram As "Candid"

You know damn well those pictures took a million tries and poses to get right.

And yet, you're still about to post on IG like it came naturally.

You ain't slick.

If your friends haven't called you out for being so dramatic about it, I am now.

9. Expose Your Friends On Social Media When They're Just Minding Their Own Business

Look at Damon Jones: He's just on the treadmill in the background, trying to mind his own business.

Bur here comes LeBron, yelling for Instagram.

Just know you can't be around this type of friend at a party, especially if you're trying to lay low. You will end up on Snapchat... trust.

10. Milk Every Bit Of Attention As Possible

These are the times I truly have to laugh at LeBron. Like, he really has to be counting Mississippis when he does stuff like this.

Bron knows how to milk the attention when the spotlight is on him... which, I mean, is literally every day. So, it explains why he's so good at it.

As for you, there's no excuse for you, normal person.

It's not cute when you stub your toe and yell extra loud so everyone hears, or when you do the most when you're drunk just to show off how good of a time you're having.

You're terrible.

JK, I'm just as dramatic, and I totally understand you.