Klay Thompson's GF Calls Him Out After Finding Him In Bed With 'Groupie' (Photos)

by Adam Silvers
Getty Images / Twitter

It hasn't been a good month for professional athletes, at least as far as their love lives are concerned.

Last week, Victor Cruz got put on blast by his fiancée after she allegedly sent a text message to all of Cruz's side chicks and said it was time to stop hitting up her man.

The latest victim to get called out by his significant other is Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson.

According to DudeComedy, Thompson was allegedly caught in bed with another woman, and his GF -- soon to be ex? -- tweeted to let the whole world know.

Dude Comedy

FYI, this is Hannah Stocking, the girl Klay Thompson supposedly cheated on.

Damn, man.

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