Katie Ledecky Talking About Her Major Is All Of Us Freshman Year Of College

There is nothing normal about Katie Ledecky's 19-year-old life -- except when it comes to picking a college major.

When asked by WTOP radio in Washington DC whether she knows what she'll be studying when she enters college, Ledecky said,

Not quite. Gonna do a little exploring.

We feel you, Katie. We feel you.

The five-time gold medalist will soon be a freshman at Stanford where she will join her Rio Olympics roomie, Simone Manuel, as part of the Cardinal's swimming team.

And when she steps on campus in Northern California, it sounds like she'll have just as little an idea as the rest of us when it comes to exactly what she wants to do.

She told WTOP,

I think I'm leaning towards psychology or government... Stanford has a number of unique majors that I'll start exploring once I get there.

Her comments really do make her feel like a super relatable college student until you realize this college student is passing up millions of dollars in order to maintain amateur status and compete as a student-athlete.

In response to an estimate that put her earning potential at $5 million per year, Ledecky told WTOP,

Yeah, you know, people throw numbers around, but I don't really pay attention to any of that and I'm just gonna do what I wanna do and that's compete collegiately and be with a really great team, be with a lot of my friends, go to class with them.

Yeah, no big deal. Passing up millions, winning gold medals and struggling to pick a major -- it's all just the life of Katie Ledecky.

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