People On Twitter Are Losing It Over John Gibbons, And Rightfully So

by Adam Silvers
USA TODAY Sports-Kim Klement

On Tuesday night, Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons was upset about losing a game over a somewhat controversial call. His emotions were certainly understandable, but his words were tougher to comprehend.

There's a new rule this season regarding sliding in Major League Baseball, which, without getting into detail, was instituted to protect fielders but leaves a lot of room for interpretation. So, when the Blue Jays' José Bautista was called out for interference in the ninth inning, directly resulting in the Jays losing to the Tampa Bay Rays 3-2, Gibbons was pissed.

Following the game, the Jays' manager reportedly said,

Maybe we'll come out and wear dresses tomorrow. Maybe that's what everybody's looking for.

In my opinion, Gibbons implied the game has become a bit too soft for his liking.

OK, I know what you're thinking: There are so many things wrong with the 53-year-old Gibbons' comments, I'm not even sure where to begin.

First off, if you agree with my above opinion, it appears he was saying women are soft. It also appears Gibbons was suggesting women only wear dresses.

I work in a predominantly female office, and let me tell you, seeing a female co-worker in a dress is much more of a rarity than a certainty. I get it, though -- somewhat, at least. Gibbons isn't a Millennial. He didn't grow up and cultivate his view of the world at the same time as many of the people on Twitter.

However, Gibbons is 53, not 83. And you tell me what his reported comments have to do with the Blue Jays, the Rays and baseball in general.

Gibbons has a wife, Julie, and a daughter, Jordan, who is the eldest of his three children, and he is a self-described "family man." I'm really curious to know what his family thinks of his controversial comments.

Because, obviously, the vast majority already voiced their outrage with John Gibbons.

You get the picture.

Of course, there were those who spoke out in support of Gibbons. Twitter is the court of public opinion after all.

For those citing the "PC Police" or saying everyone is overreacting to Gibbons' comments, I'd urge you to think about the struggle women have gone through and continue to go through on a daily basis.

The US women's national team is currently fighting the United States Soccer Federation because they're reportedly paid four times less than their male counterparts.

In the Unites States, women come to work every day and are paid roughly 79 cents to every dollar their male co-workers make. In some cases, like for women of color, that disparity is even worse.

Don't tell women, or anyone for that matter, to lighten up on Gibbons' comments. When women are paid the same as men, maybe they'll laugh at the same sexist remarks.

But for now, let's keep holding people accountable for what they say. Let's keep being the PC Police so many stigmatized.

If we keep doing that, maybe John Gibbons will think twice about what he says next time.

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