8 Embarrassing JJ Watt Shirts To Wear To The JJ Watt Charity Classic


I had a hard time packing for my trip to Houston and the 2016 JJ Watt Charity Classic.

I checked the weather multiple times before I left. It kept switching from 90 degrees and sunny to 90 degrees and cloudy to 90 degrees and rainy.

I didn't know if I should pack my cowboy boots or a pair of heels. And don't even get me started on what I was actually going to wear to the game. Sitting for at least five hours in the stadium? I would have to wear something comfortable.

What if my plan to ask JJ Watt on a date worked and I actually got a picture with him? What I'd be wearing would need to photograph well, and it couldn't be too embarrassing.

I couldn't wear this shirt I bought months prior.

Kylah Benes-Trapp

While I was procrastinating actually packing my suitcase, I started to Google Texans merchandise. Because, obviously, I needed to buy a Texans baseball cap if I was going to watch a softball game in Houston...

And then I found myself in a deep, dark, JJ Watt-sized t-shirt hole.

While I won't be wearing any of these at the game, I can't help but appreciate the creativity put into these works of art.

I mean, it IS true...


I can only relate to the second part.




I'm not even sure what this means.


My parents would kill me.


No, just no.


I don't think I can even make a joke here.


Simple, still embarrassing.


I'll be live-tweeting my journey to ask JJ Watt on a date this weekend, so follow me on Twitter or continue to check back on Elite Daily for updates.

The JJ Watt Foundation raises money for after-school athletic programs for kids. If you can't make it to the JJ Watt Charity Classic this weekend, feel free to donate if you can.