A Former Olympian Explains How To Take A Punch Like A Boss


When it comes to taking punches, you probably want to follow the advice of an Olympic gold medal boxer, rather than someone like, oh, José Bautista, perhaps.

Sunday night, the Blue Jays' Bautista squared up to the Rangers' Rougned Odor, only to get rocked in the jaw with a vicious punch.

Clearly, Bautista did not heed the words of Claressa Shields, the first American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in boxing back in 2012.

Speaking on how to take a punch like a boss, Shields reportedly offered these words of advice:

Don't close your eyes. Don't do a big move to get out of the way. Never fight from emotion. If you get hit, tell yourself: 'It's just one punch.'

When faced up against someone who wants to knock your head in, it's reportedly in your best interest to keep your elbows tight and move your body so your attacker's fist connects with your arms rather than your stomach and ribs.

While you want to keep shifting, it appears you don't want to move too far from your middle stance. If someone is swinging at your head, it's reportedly in your best interest to lower your head to the side.

If you're going to take a punch, follow the above advice of Shields and do whatever you can to not get distracted.

You'll probably end up feeling better than José Bautista did Monday morning.

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