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Here's The Super Hot Model Johnny Manziel Left The Club With This Weekend

Johnny Manziel was back on the scene again this weekend.

After leaving The Nice Guy restaurant and lounge out in West Hollywood, the former Browns quarterback told a TMZ reporter he expects to play this season, all before giving a shoutout to his Texas A&M Aggies and his mommy back home.


Anyway, now that we got the sports out of the way, it's time to get to a matter that just cannot be ignored.

On his way out, Manziel headed to his ride home with an entourage, including smoking-hot model Abigail Ratchford.

If the name doesn't ring a bell, you might recognize Abigail from this In-N-Out commercial.

You also might remember her from more familiar productions, like your dreams.

Her millions of fans on Instagram definitely know her name...

...and her recent jump to three million followers probably has a little something to do with shots like this.

Fun fact: She's a master impersonator.

So, I'm guessing she killed it for Halloween.

Actually, no guessing necessary.

If anything, her showing up with Johnny Manziel is proof of what we already know. Johnny Football is really freaking good at linking up with bombshells.

Great. Now, if only he could play just as well.

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