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DeAngelo Williams Got Murdered On Twitter For Dissing Peyton Manning


From Tom Brady to your best friend's mom, 99 percent of folks on Facebook and Twitter are coming out of the woodwork to wish Peyton Manning well on his retirement from the NFL.

That other 1 percent, though, is headlined by Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams. This morning, in the hours leading up to Manning's planned retirement press conference, Williams tweeted, saying while number 18 is a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, Manning's last season, in which he won Super Bowl 50, was sh*t.

Regardless of whether Williams is right or not -- spoiler, he's right -- today might not have been the day to voice that opinion. The responses on Williams' Twitter timeline ranged from outraged to delusional, and, Lord bless him, Williams continued to respond to many of them.

Here's a look at the fire DeAngelo Williams tried to extinguish.

Some folks got upset with Williams for taking a shot at the two-time Super Bowl champ.

Williams tried to justify his tweet by throwing out the actual talking points from Super Bowl 50.

But, the more Williams tried to explain his position, the angrier the Twitter mob grew.

Some fans tried to defend Peyton Manning's sub-par season...

...other fans started coming at Williams for being paid more than he's worth.

Some savages came after his physical well-being.

At some point in the exchanges, Williams tried to articulate his position on his initial tweet...

...but this is Twitter, DeAngelo.

Finally, DeAngelo called it quits so he could go hang out with his family.

That might've been the move all along.