Aaron Rodgers Is Giving Up This One Food To Be A Better Quarterback


Despite playing in a state known for its high production, and consumption, of dairy, it appears Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is giving up cheese in order to prolong his NFL career and compete at the highest level.

Speaking on the decision, the 32-year-old Rodgers reportedly said,

Not surprisingly, it appears Rodgers' decision to cut dairy from his diet was inspired by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who's a noted health nut.

Elaborating on his new dietary choices, Aaron Rodgers said,

It's hard to argue with results when you note Tom Brady's four Super Bowl trophies and the fact he's playing at an elite level despite turning 39 this summer, but I don't know if I could live without pizza.

Granted, I'm not a professional athlete. But I'm a human being, and human beings love cheesy goodness.

More proof Rodgers' dairy-less diet is doing work is the fact he's at his lightest weight since he first entered the NFL in 2007. At the moment, Rodgers reportedly weighs 218 pounds.

Clearly, it's hard to deny the benefits of giving up dairy, but I'm still having nightmares at the thought of doing so.

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