Woman's Side-By-Side Pics Prove Point About Instagram Moms Hiding 'Belly Rolls'

It's no secret Instagram photos can be seriously misleading.

Remember when we introduced you to that fearless fashion blogger, Sophie Cachia, who confessed to posting some deceiving pregnancy photos on social media?

Well, it turns out Cachia isn't the only bold blogger who's on a mission to show the world what motherhood really looks like.

After giving birth to her second child, fitness blogger Alexa Jean Brown was sick of the idea that woman are expected to bounce back to the perfect body right after having a baby.

So rather then hiding her pregnancy weight, Alexa decided to embrace her body and use her post-baby belly to send an important message to all of the new mothers out there.

Alexa posted a side-by-side pic on Instagram that shows her without her signature six-pack and wrote, "This is me 4 weeks post birth."


In the caption, Alex condemns the unrealistic expectations placed on new moms, stating,

As much as its my job to motivate you I also believe it's my job to be relatable and honest. Our society has put this idea in our heads that women have to bounce right back after having a baby, but that's typically just not realistic. This is not the truth for most of us. I have more stretch marks and belly rolls and that's perfectly NORMAL and OKAY.

Alexa also reveals that "bouncing back" isn't as easy as it sounds, writing,

I remember being part way through this pregnancy seeing this woman online 1-day post partum with a flat tummy and abs thinking to myself, 'wowie, I hope I can pull that off'. I instantly felt the pressure to measure up. Then fast forward to my 1-day post partum body and it was more of the squishy, droopy flub that I remember after my first baby. As bummed as I was that I didn't just bounce right back to my pre-baby body, I can't help but feel so amazed that this body created two beautiful babies.

Now this inspiring blogger wants women to stop stressing over their body and start loving themselves, imperfections and all.


According to Alexa,

If you're finding yourself obsessing about, feeling ashamed of or apologizing for the appearance of your body, even if you haven't just had a child, STOP. Our bodies are incredible and amazing and we need to love every inch of it.

Alexa has since racked up over 100,000 likes on her side-by-side photo, as well as a long list of comments that praise the blogger for being so candid and inspiring.

If you ask me, this body-positive mom definitely deserves a round of applause.

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