Blogger Uses Side-By-Side Pics To Admit Her Pregnancy Photos Are 'Deceiving'

Recently, we've seen a lot of fearless bloggers who aren't afraid to share some of their less flattering side-by-side pics in order to show people that social media can often be misleading.

The latest blogger to join the body-positive movement is Sophie Cachia.

Earlier in the week, Cachia posted a photo that showed off her bulging baby bump in a black body con dress.

As usual, Cachia's snapshot racked up thousands of likes and comments from fans who gushed about how good this stylish mom-to-be looked.

However, the next day, this bold blogger decided to post another photo that gave her followers a glimpse of what she looks like on a daily basis.

Yep, Cachia posted a few side-by-side photos that revealed what she looks like when she's not all done up in makeup and styled to the nines.

Cachia wrote in the caption of her photo,

I feel like I deceived you all. I uploaded a photo of me looking pretty darn glamorous. And although I like that photo of myself, and I did put in effort to go out in the city looking 'nice' that day to perk myself up a bit — I feel like a lot of you misinterpreted me as a person.

The beautiful blogger revealed that she had received a lot of comments from women who said, "I wish I could look like you when pregnant" the day prior.

This made her want to show all of her fans that she doesn't just roll out of bed and look fabulous AF every day.

Instead, Cachia confessed that it takes a lot of work to look that damn good in a photo.

The blogger revealed that she had had gotten a spray tan, curled her hair, applied a full face of makeup and tried out a variety of camera angles in order to capture the stunning photo she had shared just one day prior.

While Cachia loves how she looks when she's all done up (seriously, what woman doesn't love looking their best?) she wanted the world to know that those photos aren't always a realistic representation of her actual day-to-day life.

According to Cachia,

I'm a 33-week pregnant extremely uncomfortable woman, one with furry teeth, I have a bikini line that I haven't seen for over a month assumably in desperate need of a good wax and owner to a smell of sweat that I can't quite figure out where it's coming from. This is me in all my swollen-cankles glory.

Cachia drove her point home by imploring her fans to stops comparing their own appearances to her photos and reminded her fellow ladies, "Every person's body is different, everyone's pregnancy is different."

If you ask me, this body-positive blogger serves as a great reminder that we should all love ourselves for who we truly are and never be afraid to embrace our natural beauty.

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