Woman Finds Feather In McDonald's Chicken Nugget

It's always surprising to find something where it doesn't belong.

Remember when we told you about the woman who found a rat sewn into the dress she bought from Zara?

Well, if the thought of finding a little rat paw peeking out of the seam on your brand new ensemble is enough to give you nightmares for the rest of your life, you might want to cover your eyes.

It turns out, that woman isn't the only one who found something pretty gross in her most recent purchase.

Celeste Sperry, a woman from Cleveland, Ohio, recently stopped by McDonald's for a snack and received an unexpected side with her order.


Yep, while chowing down on her meal, she suddenly noticed a feather sticking out of one of her chicken nuggets. Ew.


After making the disgusting discovery, Sperry did what anyone in her position would do: She freaked the fuck out.

Sperry immediately turned to social media and shared a photo of her horrifying feather-clad frankenugget on Facebook along with the caption,

I WILL NEVER EAT CHICKEN NUGGETS AGAIN. Wtf McDonald's?????? I just pulled a feather out of my chicken nugget at the Brooklyn Ohio McDonald's !!!!

She then traumatized us even further by posting a video of the feather poking out of her precious nuggets because, let's be real, the pictures weren't enough to ruin your appetite.

As you can probably imagine, it didn't take long for Sperry's post to go viral, and, since then, it has racked up tons of shares and comments.

Most of the comments include typical reactions like "WTF" and "That's gross."


However, some people decided to take an optimistic approach to the situation by pointing out that at least she didn't find a finger in her McNuggets.


Plus, one person pointed out that her feathery discovery at least proves that McNuggets are made from chickens.


Others poked fun at the feathery discovery saying things like "that's why I eat them in one bite."


While other commenters were just downright rude.


Finally, one person decided to forever ruin our love for nuggets by explaining the disgusting process of how chicken nuggets are made in great (not to mention goss AF) detail.


Sperry has since been contacted by McDonald's corporate who basically told her not to worry because feathers and other foreign objects end up in their nuggets from time to time.

Now if you would please excuse me, I think I need to vom.

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