World's Most Heartless Woman Caught On Camera Stealing Bowl Of Halloween Candy


This Halloween was basically survival of the fittest.

People were ruthless when it came to getting candy, and I've never seen anything like it.

Earlier, we learned about a robber who broke into a college student's car so he could steal a Kit Kat bar sitting in the cup holder.

YEAH. That happened.

And now I'm about to show you footage of a grown woman stealing a bowl of candy off someone's porch and running away.

What is this, people, the freakin' Hunger Games?! C'mon!

All jokes aside, the footage is kind of hilarious -- that is, if you like crushing the dreams of innocent trick-or-treaters everywhere.

But if you're a human with feelings and compassion, you'll find her robbery to be kind of messed up.

The footage of the candy thief was taken on Halloween with a Ring Video Doorbell the owners installed on their front door.

Although they weren't able to physically hand out candy on the big day, they were still able to watch the trick-or-treaters happily take from the bowl they left on their porch.

I bet they weren't expecting a woman to walk up and TAKE ALL THE CANDY.

UGH. It's making me really upset.

As you can see, the woman began by sneakily picking up the bowl filled to the top with sugary sweets, and made an attempt to dump it all into her bag.

At first, she failed and needed to adjust the sack to make room for the goods.

She moved quickly, as if she knew she could get caught at any second.

After fixing the bag accordingly, the woman successfully dumped every last bit of candy into her satchel.


Then, she dropped the empty bowl and took off.

I must admit, this woman ran fast AF. Even if owners were home, I don't think they would have been able to catch her.


Man, I can't even imagine the disappointed faces of the innocent children who walked up to that porch only to realize no candy was left for them.

Lesson learned: Halloween candy is never safe -- even if you have a security camera installed directly in front of it.