Woman's Casual Live-Stream Of Her Birth Makes Having A Kid Look Easy

Emily Norris is a 33-year-old mother of three, and she runs a parenting Facebook page called “Channel Mum.”

She was 11 days overdue when she finally began going through labor in her home. She had planned a home birth. So, she just had to wait for the midwife to arrive.

In the meantime, she decided to do what anyone would in that situation: begin live-streaming.

OK, I know that sounds odd. If you'd only read the headline, you'd probably have wondered, "What is wrong with people?”

But when you actually watch the video, you see a smart woman who really just wants to document this utterly vital process that is so rarely witnessed outside of those hyper-clichéd movie scenes, where animalistic women rage-shout and hit their amiable husbands.

She knows that live-streaming her birth is a peculiar thing to do as well.

As she explains,

I know this is a really weird and unnatural thing to do... go into labour and pick up Facebook Live or a camera. But I've shared my whole pregnancy so now, I'm sharing the birth.

She's all smiles and excited that the baby may finally be coming.

She shows us where she's planning on giving birth: a couch. She also shows us the toilet they'll use for cleanup.

Then, in the middle of the video, she starts getting a contraction while talking. So, she has to take a minute to get over the pain.

“Definitely getting harder to talk through,” she explains. But she's still smiling, even though a baby is trying to force itself out of her body. This lady is TOUGH.

Before she signs off to, you know, make life, she expresses her appreciation to her followers.

I can see you all commenting! Thanks, everyone!

The internet is making things so weird. Good weird, but still weird.