Woman Calls Out Cheating BF And His 'Highly Virile' Chlamydia Strain On FB

Briana Morrison

Parting is such sweet sorrow... and potentially painful if your former significant other gave you an STI right before you called things off. chronicled a number of Facebook posts that publicly called out various boyfriends and girlfriends for cheating on their partners.

All of them were pretty savage, but this one that mentioned a "highly virile" Chlamydia strain took the cake for being the grossest.


The epic post, written by a woman named Natalie, reads,

Dear Jamie... Next time you decide to cheat multiple times on your amazing girlfriend please ensure you wear a condom so the rest of the world does not contract your highly virile strain of chlamydia. Kindly grow up in the process. Worst of all possible wishes, Natalie...

Damn. That's a harsh but just response. At least wear a condom, Jamie, before sticking your dick where it ought not to be stuck.

Dare I say this Facebook post was the ultimate sick burn? Get it? I say "sick burn" because... uh, the symptoms of Chlamydia usually involve (*checks WebMD, is immediately horrified*) a burning sensation.

Some scientists say monogamy among humans came about for evolutionary reasons; the couple that stayed together also ran a lower risk of contracting STIs.

Sure, Ugg was killing it on the single scene in 10,000 BC, but his genitals probably looked something like this:

We reported earlier how one vindictive AF dude decided to use his wife's cat as a means to get revenge on her for cheating.

Fortunately, no animals were actually harmed in the making of their text message exchange.

Hopefully, Natalie's post will encourage all of you fine people of the internet committed to a relationship out there not to stray from your partners.

With Valentine's Day coming up, you don't want to be single thanks to the fact you spread Chlamydia all about town.

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