Man Uses Wife's Cat To Get Revenge On Her For Cheating In Savage Texts

by Robert Anthony

When a man found out his wife had been cheating on him, he decided to get super creative with his revenge.

Imgur user SendMePicturesOfYourBathroom took to the photo-sharing platform to share screenshots of his text message conversation with his now ex-wife.

The portion of the communication shared between the ex-lovers begins with his wife pleading for him to "come back." She was basically pulling the text message version of this:

He simply responds with a firm "no." Of course, his ex-wife was not going to take "no" for an answer (they never do). She continues to fail miserably as she attempts to win her man back.

His reaction? Unfortunately for Ms. Cheater, it was a lot like this:

Finally, the dude tells her why she can't have him back, saying,

You cheated on me.

She quickly responds with a cold-hearted "so?" Yeah, I'm starting to think this chick actually deserves some REAL revenge.

Let's jump into these texts, shall we?

Here's the beginning of the conversation. Things start out calm. It's quite clear that she will do anything (not really) to get her man back after cheating on him.

Yeah, your eyes are not deceiving you. His wife really did blame his busy schedule for her shameless act of adultery.

The conversation continued as the man threatens to block her number. That's when things took a turn for the worst. He finds out she cheated on him with some guy named Darrel who is engaged.

At this point, something's gotta give. So, he gave her a dose of "I'm kicking you off the data plan tomorrow."

Finally, he squared up to get his final lick of revenge on her. He told her he had accidentally left the front door open and their cat Muffin ran out into the big, cold world.

The Imgur user didn't follow up with another screenshot of their conversation so, naturally, people began to freak out thinking he actually let the cat out.

It turns out Muffin is safe and sound as the Imgur user with the incredibly long username assured the internet the cat "is still in his kitty tower."

With the way things are going these days in this batshit crazy world, that was an extremely close call.

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