Whole Foods Is Back At It Again With The Most Outrageous Product Ever

by Kate Ryan

Whole Foods -- the same company that gives you the stink eye for forgetting your reusable bags -- has been caught packaging unpeeled oranges in thick, plastic containers.

I don't get it. Do they think we're incapable of peeling oranges ourselves? Or do they think they can do a better job packaging an orange than Mother Nature?

Or, better yet, did they learn NOTHING from the 2015 asparagus water debacle?!

After getting well-deserved flak, Whole Foods tweeted an apology in which they promised to leave oranges "in their natural packaging: the peel."

It's kind of funny to hear that coming from a store called Whole Foods. I mean, the clue is in the name, you guys.

Let's just hope they don't make the same mistake and try to selling us on something dumb like $10 kale ice cream or gluten-free soap next time. Oh wait...

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