Vodka-Infused Ice Cream Exists And It'll Make Your Dessert So Much Boozier

by Collette Reitz
Arctic Buzz

If you've never really been one to believe that there's always room for dessert, then you might think that the release of new ice cream isn't anything special. Trust me, this newest must-have in your your freezer is made with a special ingredient that might just have you flipping your "meh" stance on desserts right on its head. After learning about this sweet treat, you'll be looking up where to buy Arctic Buzz vodka ice cream so you can enjoy your dessert with a boozy twist.

According to Delish, Baltimore-based Arctic Buzz is the genius company serving up vodka-infused ice cream, and anyone whose ever had PMS (like, ever) is jumping for joy. According to the company's website, the genius innovation is a "home made, hand churned, smooth vodka frozen dairy dessert." To make sure that the ice cream doesn't taste like a freshman year pre-game (you know, $6 vodka and Diet Coke), Arctic Buzz took the time to craft flavors that would perfectly complement their product. The company worked with a local distillery to create "artisan flavors" -- you'll be fancy AF as you savor every boozy, artisanal bite.

So, what flavors will give you a sweet buzz? The company currently offers six flavors: Chocolate, Coconut, Cookies & Cream, Key Lime Pie, Raspberry, and Vanilla. If this is all sounding pretty good to you, then you better live in or head to Maryland because the vodka-infused ice cream is only available in select Maryland liquor stores. If anything in this life is worth a road trip, it's double-duty vodka-infused ice cream that has the sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth and that happy hour effect that will make your forget all about your most annoying co-worker.

As you (not so patiently) wait for Arctic Buzz to expand the availability of the boozy treat, check out exactly what you'll be getting once you finally do get your hands on a container.

When it comes to the vodka-infused equation of this dessert, Arctic Buzz is not playing around. Seriously, the alcohol content of a pint of the stuff is no chump change. The lowest comes in at 8.6 percent alcohol per volume (a 100-milliliter carton) and the highest is 8.9 percent. The winner of the highest mark is none other than the Coconut flavor. With 8.9 percent, you're sure to get a little coco-nutty (I immediately regret that pun and offer my sincerest apologies). According to Delish, that's a pretty high mark when it comes to liquored-up ice cream. Häagen-Dazs, for comparison, only contains less than 1 percent alcohol per volume.

Another plus (as if it needs it) for this innovative treat is that you'll never again find yourself watering down your cocktail with so much ice because you didn't get a chance to put your vodka in the freezer. You know, it's those days when you have good intentions, but that last work email from Karen at 4:58 p.m. about a task that needs to be completed immediately just drives you straight into the arms of the liquor aisle. Now, you can head to the freezer and liquor aisle and enjoy some Arctic Buzz as you wait for the hard stuff to chill down.

First, red wine ice cream, and now this? Happy hour and dessert will never be the same. Not to mention, girls' night in just got a little more exciting -- but be prepared, because watching Crazy Stupid Love while under the influence of Arctic Freeze may just cause you to swoon over Ryan Gosling slightly more than usually would. But, like, honestly how much harder can you swoon over the face of the "Hey Girl" meme than you already do? I guess you'll just have to get your hands on some Arctic Buzz and find out.