Model From Viral Pregnant Photo Is Kickboxing Like A Pro At 37 Weeks


Fitness model Chontel Duncan is doing things 37 weeks into her pregnancy my childless body couldn't do even after chugging one of Gwyneth Paltrow's superhuman moon dust shakes.

The Queensland, Australia resident is expecting her son to arrive March 30, but until her first child is born, she's kickboxing her heart out and staying active.

Some followers criticized the active mom-to-be following the release of a photo taken five months into Duncan's pregnancy that depicted a small baby bump.

Duncan told Us Weekly,

Human beings are not known for their casual acceptance of all different body types, but Duncan insisted she and her little one are perfectly healthy.

In the years to come, there may even be an Instagram video of a tiny toddler kicking alongside his mom, so let's just eagerly await that adorableness and let Duncan do her thing.

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