This Is The $200 Breakfast Smoothie Gwyneth Paltrow Drinks Every Day

Getty Images

Before you judge Gwyneth Paltrow for her very expensive morning smoothie, consider the price of moon dust these days.

Let's face it, you can't start your day without a little moon dust to get you going; none of us can, but the $55 to $65 price tag for one jar of Moon Juice Moon Dust adds up after a few smoothies.

Paltrow is reportedly taking time off from acting to fully commit to her lifestyle website, Goop, and a recent post detailing the type of smoothie the Oscar winner drinks “every morning, whether or not she's detoxing,” is a standard millionaire breakfast beverage.

With pricey ingredients like the aforementioned Moon Juice Moon Dust as well as maca, ashwagandha and vanilla mushroom protein powder, Daily Mail estimates Gwynnie's smoothie costs roughly $223 to whip up.

Talking about the recipe, the actress-turned-blogger told Refinery29,

This is an extremely basic version — you can put in bananas or berries. Sometimes I put in half of a sweet potato and make like a little pumpkin pie smoothie. And that's really it.

So basic, girl. BRB, my discount moon dust hookup is here, and I can't keep him waiting.

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