5 Ways To Take Action If You're Over Trump Denying Climate Change


If you watched the first presidential debate last night, you saw the Donald and Hillz take the stage and fight for our votes.

Approximately 100 million Americans tuned in, so it's pretty likely you heard the two duke it out on a variety of hot topics, such as economic progress, racial divides and national security.

One issue that got very little air-time was global warming. But, based on previous debates and commentary, it's clear which candidate doesn't understand the impact we're truly having on Earth.

Basically, Trump doesn't believe that global warming and climate change are real issues, but rather he thinks they're just a "Chinese hoax."

Come again, Mr. Trump? Can you explain why 2016 was a record breaking year for global temperatures?

We had some of the highest temperatures ever before felt. But that's not a result of global warming, right? Nope, says Trump.

The reality is that global warming is permanently changing Earth's climate. In addition to extreme weather events and heat waves (which New York was all too familiar with this summer), global warming can have serious effects on our planet. Like, the jet streams changing direction and giving us an ice age, for instance.

Not to scare anyone reading this, but the point is that global warming is real, and we are the generation that can start making changes to reduce it.

So fellow Millennials, here are five realistic ways to help preserve the environment:

1. Reduce Waste

Do you know how much garbage the average American produces? About 4.3 pounds per day.  Approximately 55 percent of the 220 million tons of waste generated each year ends up in one of 3,500+ landfills, according to Duke University. Basically, our landfills are overflowing with crap. That crap emits landfill gases which are not so great for the land.

So, how do we stop producing so much garbage? Use a tote or canvas bag instead of plastic, drink your coffee from a reusable tumbler instead of styrofoam cups or bring a real fork and spoon to work instead of plastic silverware. And this goes without saying, don't litter.

2. Recycle

Recycle beyond just your plastic bottles. Bags, batteries and even your old cell phones are items that can, and need, to be recycled. Less garbage on the mounds = less landfill gases.

3. Drive a Hybrid.

Greens cars are the way of the future. Not only because they're high-tech and more efficient, but because they majorly help the environment. For every gallon of gas saved, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide are kept out of the atmosphere.

Ford Motors is doing a great job of manufacturing eco-friendly cars. How ironic, the company that Trump has been shunning for moving their production to Mexico is the company that's actually making steps toward saving the environment.

Their hybrid models reduce energy consumption and depletion of natural resources, and parts of the cars are even made out of recycled and upcycled material. A double whammy in the green department, if you ask me.

4. Change Your Light Bulbs.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs actually last 10 times longer than a standard bulb, and use at least two-thirds less energy. Look for bulbs, and even appliances, that are made by ENERGY STAR. This company passes strict energy efficiency guidelines. Using less energy doesn't just help your monthly utility bill, but reduces greenhouse gas emissions too.

5. Conserve Water.

You know the saying "Save Water, Shower Together."

Well sorry Mom, it's true. We waste so much water every day, from brushing our teeth to throwing away unfinished water bottles. Don't take baths, shut the faucet while you brush and use old water bottles on your plants and ferns.

No matter how small the efforts may feel, if millions of us commit to doing any of the above things, the collective result would make a difference. #GoGreen