This Guy Can't Stop Using Puns On Tinder Even After Getting Totally Rejected

Finding the perfect pick-up line can be pretty hard: Remember when we showed you all those hopeless dudes who had absolutely no chill when it came to dating?

Well, if you thought all those cringe-worthy flirting fails were funny AF, you're in for a treat.

We just came across another poor fella who got hilariously shut down on Tinder.

Yup. After matching with a woman named Leigh, the hopeful Tinder user tried to sweet talk his new match by sending her a message that read, "Holy guacamole."

Nailed it.

Apparent-leigh, this girl hates avocados just as much as she hates fruity puns and shitty pick-up lines. She immediately shut this dude down by telling him that she was not only allergic to avocados, but to him as well.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure that burn hurts more than eating a handful of jalapeños.

As if coming up with awful Tinder pick-up lines isn't bad enough, this dude also seems to be pretty terrible at taking hints. Because even after Leigh's salty response, he wrapped up the convo by saying, "Bravo avocado."

Like all great things on the internet, this comical Tinder conversation ended up on Reddit. Now, a lot of people are dishing out their take on the whole thing.

Surprising-leigh, some Reddit users actually seemed to like his corny joke.

Comment from discussion Nailed it..

Because really, what kind of monster doesn't like avocados?

Comment from discussion Nailed it..

On the other hand, some people can totally see why the fruity pun guac-blocked this poor Tinder user.

Comment from discussion Nailed it..

A few people feel like this dude really dropped the ball by leaving her name out of the opening line.

Comment from discussion Nailed it..

Some helpful Redditors have even given this guy some new lines to try out on his next Tinder victim.

Comment from discussion Nailed it..

All jokes aside, I think it's safe to assume this Tinder dude isn't getting leighed any time soon.

Comment from discussion Nailed it..

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