This Teen Found The Most Horrifying Thing IRL While Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon USA

Have you seen people in your office wandering around with their phones out, searching for invisible things? Have your friends all been AWOL from your group chat for 48 hours straight?

Well, that's because Pokémon Go has arrived.

Pokémon Go is a new and already extremely successful app that requires its users to travel around, searching for Pokémon in the real world. And often, the weirder places you go, the rarer Pokémon you'll find.

Unfortunately, Shayla Wiggins, a 19-year-old from Wyoming, found something extremely disturbing during her quest to catch 'em all: She found a dead body.

She told County 10 about her disturbing discovery in Riverton, Wyoming.

I didn't really know what to do at first, but I called 911 right away and they came really quickly. I was pretty scared and cried for a while.

Her goal was to find a water Pokémon. So, she traveled to the shore, where she saw a man in dark clothing floating in the water. The police believe the death was accidental (perhaps an accidental drowning).

The deceased man has not yet been identified.