No One Has Ever Been As Hangry As This Guy Who Shot Taco Bell Over His Order

by Claudia Fisher

Guys, I'm not one to buy into slang as quickly as the youths and Twitter gurus. I'm late to every single linguistic trend, I still don't know who Felicia is and now it's WAY too late to ask, and I get overwhelmed anytime someone sends me a Bitmoji (they're too big, it's jarring).

But even I, with my grandmotherly understanding of modern-day communication, now see "hangry" for its true value and would like to thank the word for its contribution to the English language.

Because without "hangry," I wouldn't know what to make of this guy who reportedly shot at a Taco Bell over a condiment discrepancy.

In the wee hours of Monday morning, 12:20 am to be exact, Milwaukee police were called after a local Taco Bell forgot to include sour cream in a man's take-out order.

But, wait: Slipping up and leaving out a condiment isn't a crime. (That's what I hope you're all thinking.)

Well, to some people it still warrants one in return.

According to the franchise's manager, after receiving his food, the customer called back to let 'em have it. He was apparently informed he could return the following day for a free meal because the fast-food chain had already closed, but the offer of free food seemed to have an adverse effect.

Restaurant staff say the dissatisfied patron (who I have to speculate was suffering from some level of hanger that no one else has ever experienced and should maybe be a case study) reappeared and shot at the drive-thru window as well as an employee's car.

Luckily, the window he shot at was bullet proof (is that standard for fast-food places?) and no one was injured. He is, however, still at large and probably sour cream-less because that is clearly not the polite way to ask for things.

The taco-ffender even makes the lady who called 911 because her pizza didn't have enough cheese look normal.

Well, normal-esque.

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