This Sneaky Squirrel Stealing A Milkshake Is New York's New Pizza Rat (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

Move aside, pizza rat: There’s a new crafty critter in town, and its name is Shake Shack Squirrel.

An observant New Yorker spotted the Shake Shack Squirrel clawing through a garbage can, presumably looking for lunch.

But the cameraperson quickly discovered this tiny tree-dweller had a sweet tooth.

While in the garbage can, the squirrel managed to dig up a Shake Shack milkshake, i.e. the greatest gift to NYC since dollar pizza.

It crawled out of the can, hopped over a park fence and popped the top off of the milkshake, clearing the way for sweet, sweet victory. That’s one smart squirrel.

Fortunately for us, the cameraperson filmed the whole thing, so check out the awesome, craving-inducing footage up top.