Snap Map Has Already Freaked A Lot Of People Out And These Tweets Prove It

by Brenda Santana
Amanda Fama

By now, most of you have probably heard about Snapchat's informative new feature, Snap Map.

The new feature was designed to keep you in the loop on what your friends are up to, and vice versa -- but let's be real, you're probably hyped about Snap Map so you can lurk on that guy who ghosted you.

Snap Map uses your Bitmoji (or Actionmoji) to act out what you're up to and show where you are on a live map. In case you aren't too keen on having a whole bunch of people in your business, Snap Map also has a feature called "ghost mode" that allows you to keep your location private.

If you don't go "ghost," the Snap Map will show your Actionmoji driving around in a little car, and if you're home, it shows you just chilling there.

I know you're probably thinking, "What if I'm doing adult things, will it show that too?"

Don't fret, your Actionmoji won't appear on the Snap Map in bed with bae, but it will show if you're someplace you shouldn't be... like, say, your ex's house.

Those who haven't gone "ghost" on Snap Map have experienced the misfortune of being caught in places they shouldn't be, and of course, they've taken to Twitter to express their discontent... because that's what Twitter is for.

Snap Map is ruining friendships.

It's ruining relationships, too.

Some users are even comparing the Snap Map to the one in Gossip Girl...

... and the Marauder's Map from Harry Potter.

Others are just wondering how soon it will be before Instagram comes along to steal Snapchat's thunder.

Aside from all the unpopular feelings that have come along with Snap Map, we all know that going into ghost mode and lurking is as fun as it gets.

Now that we know you can find out what your exes are up to and that you have the ability to go "ghost," the next logical question is, "Do my friends get notified when I Snap-stalk them?"

Inquiring minds want to know.