Snap Map Is About To Make Stalking Your Ex So Much Easier, So Get Ready To Lurk


On Wednesday, June 21, Snapchat released their newest feature: Snap Map.

The easy-to-use, cartoon-like function sort of takes the place of location stickers by making it possible to see what your friends (and maybe your ex) are up to in real time on an actual map.


It's kind of like the social media version of Apple's Find My Friends -- and, yes, it might be a tad over-the-top.

On the plus side, stalking your ex just got way easier. (Hooray!)

You can now conveniently lurk on Snap Map to get a full look at how your ex is spending their miserable days without you.

With one click, you'll be able to see your ex's so-called Actionmoji's location — no location sticker needed.

So if they just happen to be at the coffee shop they used to take you on hungover Saturday mornings, well, they're probably thinking of you, right?

You'll even be able to tell when your former lover is with someone new, because if you're friends with their new bae on Snapchat, that person's Actionmoji will be displayed, too. LOL.


Snapchat's product designer, Jack Brody, told Refinery29 that the feature really is all about discovering where in the world your friends (and foes) are, so lurking seems implied.

He said, "This is about layering relationships [with friends] on top of what is happening in the world."

(Like the fact your ex is completely lost without you.)

To let the lurking begin, all you need to do is update the app.

Once you're in the new version, update your privacy settings to allow location sharing with your friends.

Tech Crunch reports that you'll have the option to select who you share your location with, so there's a possibility your ex might not let you see their every move.

But don't take it too personally, because "Ghost Mode," aka the mode you'll need to keep your location a secret, is an option.

Also, if your ex isn't super active on Snapchat, Snap Map will obviously not be able to pinpoint them.

I know it's a lot to take in, but happy lurking! Try not to get too discouraged if you spot your ex with a new Actionmoji bae.