This Woman Had The Scariest Tinder Exchange Of All Time

With a Millennial's hectic schedule, it can be incredibly hard to meet new people, especially a romantic interest.

This is why online dating and dating apps resonate with so many young daters: It makes finding potential partners as easy as posting a pic on Instagram, or writing a tweet (two skills this generation has mastered).

In theory, using social media to find a potential partner is great, but in practice, it's often extremely flawed.

Imgur user msmessyclean recently posted a series of screenshots showing texts she'd exchanged with a guy she matched with on Tinder. At first, he seemed normal; they talked on the phone and even planned a date.

But soon, she began to feel uncomfortable. He made a joke that didn't sit well with her, and following her instincts, she decided to cancel.

That's when things got scary.

The guy refused to accept her cancellation and oscillated between insulting her and begging her to go out with him.

He called her incessantly over the course of a couple of hours. And he used weird manipulation tactics — bragging about his high-paying job, claiming his mother recently died to gain her sympathy -- in an obvious attempt to lure her out.

On dating apps, you never know what you're going to get.

The guy, whom the Imgur user dubbed “Batsh*t Crazy Guy,” may have just been socially awkward, but his behavior was off. The woman wisely decided there was no sense in taking the chance that maybe there was something more sinister going on.

Read the creepy exchange below, and check out Tinder's safety tips to learn how to stay safe when navigating the online dating world.

Msmessyclean said the guy had been acting "off," but this was the message that prompted her to cancel their planned date.


He did not take it well.


Within five minutes, he called her at least six times.


...And continued trying to lure her out.


His messages were ALL over the place.


And it really started to get weird.


He even tried convincing her his mother died, in an attempt to guilt her into meeting him.


Thankfully, she stood her ground and lived to tell the (super creepy) tale.


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