The Right (Or Left) Way To Swipe: Which Dating App Is For You?

I'm a dating app connoisseur. Bumble? Been there. The Grade? Tried it. Tindog? My pooch and I tried it, though she liked it more than I did.

Frankly, there are just way too many apps out there trying to cure us of our singlehood. I know it sucks to be alone, but was something like The League -- an exclusive app created for single, Ivy League alums -- really necessary?

If you're tired of being single, but too freaked out by eHarmony and Match, these are the apps you should turn to based on your personality and stats.


If you don't have a tranquilized tiger in your photo, I'm swiping left.


Wait, how do you know Jessica? No, how do you know Jessica?


Might want to lie about the "one time" you had bacon.


The pressure to come up with a witty one-liner is real.

The Grade

A- for your selfie, A++ for the shirtless photo. C- for the photo of your paycheck.

The League

The League is the app equivalent of your Jewish mother trying to pair you with the guy who went to Yale and "has a fantastic job at that rainbow search engine thing."


Basic bitches need not apply.