Apparently Santa Is Actually Gay, According To Amazing New Picture Book

AP Quach

Well, well, well, it seems our suspicions about Santa Claus have been confirmed.

Not only does Santa exist (told you, Mom), but the big, jolly guy and I also share something in common: our overwhelming interest in men.

That's right, everyone. Good, ol' Saint Nick is not only out and proud, but he also happens to be black.

Who knew?

The new picture book, "Santa's Husband," will be hitting shelves on October 10, 2017.

In the book, Santa resides in his house at the North Pole and lives comfortably with his white husband (also named Santa).

AP Quach

In fact, the book's description reads, "Santa's spouse frequently fills in for his husband at malls," perfectly explaining why the world presumes Santa Claus to be white and not of a different race or ethnicity.

Co-author of "How to Win at Everything" and "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" staffer Daniel Kibblesmith originally developed the concept for the picture book last year after sending out a tweet.

In the tweet, Kibblesmith penned a message stating that he and his spouse only want their future kids to know of Santa Claus as "Black Santa," with any reference to a white Santa Claus to be as Black Santa's husband.


Fast forward three months later, and Kibblesmith's new take on the jolly gift-giver is finally coming to fruition.

While the picture book will not be released until much closer to the holidays, Kibblesmith tweeted out some colorful concept art to tease the arrival of the new Santa Claus.


In the image, the interracial, gay couple is staring deeply into each other's eyes, both presumably ready to dole out presents to sleeping boys and girls across the globe.

Despite the book's childish nature, Harper Design, the publishing company behind "Santa's Husband," says it's a parody book suitable for all.


I guess I just found my latest subway read for the entire 2017 Christmas season.

When can I pre-order?

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