This Guy Is Raising Money For Cancer With Hilarious Celebrity Impersonations

We've all seen our fair share of celebrity doppelgängers on social media. However, one dude from Down Under is putting his Hollywood impersonation skills to the test for more than just a good laugh.

Yep, he's copying some of your favorite celebrities for a seriously good cause. Allow me to introduce you to 28-year-old Mark Udovitch.

Udovitch is a radiation therapist from Sydney, Australia who is on a mission to raise money for cancer patients by using his long, flowing locks to recreate a variety of star-studded snapshots before he shaves it all off at the end of the month.

After witnessing a patient lose her hair to chemotherapy, Udovitch was inspired to use his locks for charity. He then proceeded to grow out his hair for two-and-a-half years so it would be long enough to shave off and donate.

In an attempt to entertain his friends while growing out his new hairdo, Udovitch recreated a photo of Creed singer Scott Stapp and posted it on Facebook.

Udovitch's impersonation picture received an overwhelming response on social media, so he decided to mimic more celebrities in order to raise money for his patients.

Udovitch told Daily Mail Australia,

Since that image got so much notice I thought I wonder how many celebrities I could actually impersonate in the lead up to shaving my head and maybe use it as a means of raising awareness.

On July 29, Udovitch will finally be saying "goodbye" to his super long strands, as he and 15 other radiation therapists, nurses and medical physicists shave their heads for the Dry July Shave Off fundraiser.

But don't worry, Udovitch's lack of hair isn't going to stop him from doing his hilarious impersonations of celebrities. Instead, he's just going to copy bald stars once his hair is gone. He even told Daily Mail,

I would like to do Sinead O'Connor and a few others. I have never shaved my head before so I will need to see what I actually look like and take it from there!

If you're looking for a way to support the Dry July Shave Off, you can find more information on the website. Take a look at the pictures below to see some of Udovitch's amazing celebrity photo recreations.

Jared Leto

Kim Kardashian West

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Kendall Jenner

Fabio Lanzoni

Snoop Dogg

Rick James

Kit Harington as Jon Snow

Nicolas Cage

Janet Jackson

Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo


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