This Pregnant Woman Absolutely Crushes Her Pole Dance Routine


This Australian woman just wanted to continue living her life without pregnancy stopping all the fun stuff.

In fact, Jill MacLean, 36, didn't give up pole dancing for her pregnancy. And why should she have? The woman, known as "Cleo the Hurricane," is a two-time champion of Miss Pole Dance Australia, so if other women can work out while pregnant, then nothing was going to stop Cleo from doing what she loves.

Cleo started to gain attention through her Instagram and went viral after she posted one of her dance routines on Facebook. According to a post on her blog, Cleo stopped doing some of her crazier dance moves for the pregnancy but said dancing makes her feel sexy, so she kept on -- even in the face of some backlash.

YEAH, let all the haters out there know, Cleo, and never stop doing you.

Check out the video above to see her dance routine.

And for the curious, Cleo gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

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