This Fitness Model Is 8 Months Pregnant And Still Has Rock-Hard Abs

Guys, pregnant women are metal AF.

Pregnant women just walk around being humans while other tiny humans inside them attempt to suck away all their nutrients and energy. That's crazypants!

What's even crazypants-er is this fitness model who is eight months pregnant is also freakin' ripped. Her name is Chontel Duncan, she runs a fitness business in Australia and not for a moment has she let her pregnancy get in the way of her active training.

She still regularly works out, doing HIIT training and kickboxing, all while a new human being GROWS INSIDE HER. She apparently doesn't count calories and isn't afraid of eating fatty foods, either. She's too busy being a certified badass, I guess.

Honestly, her body is insane. How can someone have a baby bump and still have abs???

She could definitely kick my ass while carrying a child, and I'm pretty OK with that.


You look freakin' incredible.

She is expecting to give birth in a little less than a month. Good luck with everything, Chontel! You rock.

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