This Guy Took His Hilarious Pokémon Go Prank On His Mom Way Too Far


Pokémon Go has become so ubiquitous at this point that there is no age restriction. Parents are just as free to crash their cars and find dead bodies while looking for Pikachus as their children are.

This one guy's mother wanted in on the global phenomena, so she went to her kind, helpful son for advice on how to acquire this extremely popular game.

And her son happily complied, explaining the exact steps — which we all know very well by now — to download the game.

Here is the exchange in question, which I believe should be shown to children everywhere as an example of how to show respect to one's elders.


His mother didn't believe him that this was the procedure required to play a simple app store game, but he put her doubts to rest calmly and reasonably, even agreeing to go with her to the store so she doesn't feel foolish.


Such a kind young man.

He even filmed the moment in question, I can only guess for the sake of posterity — you know, so that future generations will see what a good example he set for how children should treat the people that brought them into this world.

Your son has evolved into such a good (poké)man!