These Bath Crystals Will Make Your Shower Smell Like Pizza, And We're Here For It

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I challenge you to find someone who will say no to a slice of pizza.

My go-to is a grandma pie, which is a fantastic blend of tomatoes, garlic, and crust that's toasted to perfection. It's just as much an art form as it is dinner.

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You can't tell me you're not getting at least a little bit hungry now. I won't buy your excuses.

Since you're definitely experiencing a rumbling belly and a hankering for a slice of your own, I suggest you go take a bath.

Yes, a bath — you read that correctly. Everyone's favorite Italian-American supper is not just reserved for the kitchen.

The Japanese-based company named Village Vanguard is allowing us to take our favorite foods with us while we bathe, and we're particularly excited about its pizza concoction.

The company has created bath salts that will allow you to get clean and smell a cheesy deep dish all in one.

You can be shampooing your hair while getting a wiff of something delicious like pizza, gyoza potstickers, yakiniku grilled meat, or beer, without stepping foot outside of the tub.

Village Vanguard

Talk about convenience. If that isn't enough to make you excited, I'm not entirely sure what will.

After all, this is our favorite meal we're talking about, folks. Pizza is at the top of the food chain.

Jennifer Lawrence loves it...

Cats dream about it...

The second you say "cat," all is well. Add pizza to the mix, and you've really got some exciting stuff on your hands.

Dogs dig right in...

Can't say I blame them.

...and the infamous "Pizza Rat" even loves a good slice.

Now that's dedication.

If pizza isn't really your thing (though of course it is, why wouldn't it be?), fear not. You can always try Village Vanguard's ramen powders.

The pizza powder will be available mid-June, so get your loofah ready.

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